AAPC and/or AHIMA nationally certified coders will extract the correct code assignment from the medical record documentation. Furthermore, the codes are provided in a time-sensitive manner for compliant billing. read more


    Our on-site representatives are not only equipped with the best scanning equipment, they are trained to complete any assignment; paper or EMR. This allows us to provide the best experience and swift service. read more


    All providers are contacted by our representatives who accommodate each provider’s needs and schedule. After contacting the providers we prepare a request kit which includes all the required forms to the provider (HMO Letter, Patients List, appointment date, etc.). read more


    TMI can help create a targeted suspect list where members can be stratified for disease management, length of time between PCP Office visits, Risk Adjustment Factors and/or Reimbursement levels. read more


    In addition to our other services, TMI provides education for physicians and their staff in regards to HIPAA, CMS guidelines, clinical documentation, ICD-9CM, ICD-10, CPT Coding, and more. read more

About Us

Solutions for Medical Plans, Hospitals & Private Practices

Tactical Management Inc. (TMI) is a one-stop source for operations and clinical solutions vital to the success of Medicare Advantage plans, Hospital Networks, Physician Practices and the vendors who serve them. Our organization provides both turn-key and customizable services aimed at mitigating compliance exposures while identifying opportunities to improve coding accuracy and maximize reimbursement. view more

Why Choose TMI?


At TMI we are working closely with clients nationally, including Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia to achieve a meaningful impact in today’s healthcare market. At the core of our effort is a focus on medical informatics- improving its accuracy, insight and impact. With our industry expertise and unique approach, we provide unmatched solutions that are meaningfully improving relationships with provider networks, clinical and quality outcomes, and realizing financial efficiencies. view more


2014 Upcoming Events

Risk Adjustment Forum for Health Plans
May 28 - 29 2014, Chicago, IL.

RISE - West Coast Summit 7

July 14 - 14 2014, San Diego, CA.

AAP Experience - National Conference & Exhibition
October 11 - 14th, 2014 - San Diego, CA